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Office Space for Rent

Getting Office Space for Rent Lets You Avoid Expensive, Long-Term Leasing

In many cases, getting an office with a city address means signing a long-term lease at relatively expensive rates. This makes it so that individuals who simply want a quiet, distraction-free place to work are typically out of luck. However, there is an alternative that makes the dream of such a space well within reach of many: the availability of rented, rather than leased, office space.

Office space for rent is meant for entrepreneurs and telecommuters, rather than companies who intend to be open to the general public. It is rented by the month, so there is no need to sign a long-term contract. Since the intended users are not expected to be making thousands a day in retail sales, the prices are far less expensive than the leased alternatives.

The same buildings that offer office space for rent also have meeting space for rent. Terms for meeting space are even more budget-friendly, with rentals being charged by the hour instead of by the month. This makes it easy for teams who only need to meet for an hour or two every so often.

There are two main options for office space for rent. You can get a private office, which is large enough for between one and four people; or you can rent shared workspace, which gives you a table and a chair in a common area. Either way, you get Wi-Fi and high speed internet included, so you can work using all of the modern tools.

Meeting space for rent includes a conference room with a table and chairs. A/V capabilities are included so you can make presentations.
To learn more about any of these options, just contact NJ Office Share.

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