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Flex Meeting Space

Does Everyone in Your Company Need a Team Meeting Room or Startup Office Space?

Many companies have greatly reduced or eliminated their own office space due to the coronavirus. This is especially true of those that already were not using their own space enough to really justify keeping their leases. For them, the virus was just the final push needed to switch their workforces to a full-time telecommuting system.

The problem is, it's often still a good idea for company department members to occasionally meet in person. With the company's building lease gone, there is no ready-made location to do this. This is where conference space rentals come in.

When a company or manager decides to rent team space, it is important that the space be in an appropriately professional environment. This helps keep everything on track, eliminates distractions, and even reduces the risk of being accused of impropriety. It also takes care of basic issues, such as having enough room for everybody, and keeps costs down.

Using conference space rentals frees the company from the need to have an office lease. Instead, companies rent team space by the hour, only when needed. This is what makes it flexible.

The conference space rentals typically take the form of your typical team meeting room. The business renting it has privacy from those outside of the company, while there is plenty of space inside the room for everyone to spread out paperwork or laptops as needed. The team meeting rooms, themselves, are equipped with a table, several chairs, and advanced A/V capabilities. This makes it easy for everyone to sit and work, or partake in a presentation.

As with any other rental, one of the most important things to do is rent team space well in advance of the actual meeting. This will ensure that the room is available when needed. It also gives everyone plenty of time to fit it into their own personal schedules, thereby increasing attendance.

One company that offers conference space rentals is NJ Office Share in Union City. It is on a commercial street, making it easy for everyone to get to. Free, on-street parking makes it even more convenient. This company also offers startup office space and virtual mailboxes, making it a hub for telecommuters and entrepreneurs.
If you would like to learn more about their team meeting rooms or startup office space, just give them a call or drop them an email. They'll be glad to explain how it all works and book your appointment. Again, be sure to book in advance to ensure availability at the intended time of your meeting!

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